10 Best Clipboard Manager 2017

Best list of Clipboard Managers for PC(Windows 10/MAC) in 2017: In a typical day to day scenario, most of us work on computers regularly. Whenever we work on computers, it becomes imminent that we copy many things planning to paste the same in a different place for appropriate usage. We may decide to copy words or long sentences or images to paste the same later to enable cogency of matter. There are separate Clipboard Managers available to do this function more effectively for us. Clipboard Managers have more advanced features than the normal copy-paste functions. Let us have a look at the Best Clipboard Manager in the year 2017.

The top 10 Clipboard Manager are:

1. Clipboard Fusionclipboardfusion

The text scrubbing feature in Clipboard Fusion helps to paste the text copied from another source without any sort of formatting attached to it. This helps users to undo and redo formatting after pasting the text.

Download Clipboard Fusion

2. Ditto

Ditto is a simple but fast clipboard application that allows storage of previously copied items in a chronological order. This enables users to search for an item easily whenever required later.

Download Ditto

3. Clipcube

Clipcube is not just a clipboard Manager but also an application that allows the users to take notes. This enables ease of operations to the users when working with data that needs to be copied from other applications.

Download Clipcube

4. Ethervane Echo

Ethervane Echo is on this list for the simple reason that it allows a search of clipboard data copied in the recent times providing various options. Ethervane Echo can be used only to copy and paste text and not images.

Download Ethervane Echo

5. ShapeShifter

ShapeShifter supports all formats of words and images to be copied and pasted in an easy manner. The main advantage of using this application is the comfort level it provides to the users by allowing them to copy using CTRL+C and pasting using CTRL+V keys that they have been using for many years now.

Download ShapeShifter

6. Save.Me

Save.Me is one of those clipboard Managers that provides a saving of copied data history for a longer time than many similar applications. The search feature incorporated in this application allows searching of copied data in an easy manner.

Download Save.Me

7. Clipjump

Clipjump is one of the Clipboard Managers that allows the user to save files in separate channels. This feature allows the users to search files in an easy manner going through the specific channels in a quick manner.

Download Clipjump


CLCL is a simple Clipboard Manager which is easy to use. People who use this Clipboard Manager must use a keyboard shortcut to add an item to the copy board or select one from the same.

Download CLCL

9. ClipTray

ClipTray is slightly a different Clipboard Manager which allows pasting of data by pressing CTRL+V. However, it allows copying of data only by pressing a keyboard shortcut.

Download ClipTray

10. Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master has extensive capabilities when compared to many products in this list. Its capability to store approximately 10,000 copied items onto the database makes it one of the best Clipboard Manager products.

Download Clipboard Master