10 Best Business Intelligence Tools(BI) 2017

Useful list of Business Intelligence (BI) Tools to try in 2017: While selecting the right business intelligence software for your association, consider your organization, your representatives, your areas of expertise and groups – and the achievement factors that drive your basic leadership. Here is the list of the best BI tool of 2017 which are widely utilized.

What is Business Intelligence Tool?

Business intelligence tools (BI tool) are a path for organizations to monitor information and produce business knowledge – essential segments in making smarter, better choices that drive results. Business2Community recently put up a article about the importance of BI tools in 2017

Top 10 Business Intelligence Tool:

1. Yellowfin BIyellowfin-bi

It offers business intelligence tools that are so easy to utilize. Different elements make it easy to survey, monitor and understand any piece of information identified with your business.

Download Yellowfin BI

2. Clear Analytics

It permits your organization to proceed with its Excel reporting, however, includes BI requirements like version control, authoritative and sharing abilities, reports booking, administration, and audit-ability.

Download Clear Analytics


A solitary, coordinated platform pulls together applications and reporting to give an itemized depiction of your association. The tool’s powerful framework has colossal usefulness in one integrated stage.

Download SAP BI

4. Hyperion System

With regards to BI tool, Oracle is a standout amongst the most well-known names in the business, and its Hyperion Planning framework is an agile business insight tool. An end-to-end solution to analyze and control organization data to make versatile, noteworthy insights and solutions.

Download Hyperion System


For organizations with genuine BI needs, OBIEE is an unbelievably effective business analytics tool. The Enterprise Edition incorporates a hefty portion of Oracle’s most valuable segments. Store information in the cloud for access from anyplace.

Download OBIEE

6. Pentaho

The pioneer in open-source business intelligence, Pentaho furnishes your organization with the tool to improve, more exact and speedier choices to boost benefits.

Download Pentaho

7. Sisense

It is business analytics tool that plans to empower business clients to effectively prepare, examine and envision complex data. The product is focused on ease of use and superior performance.

Download Sisense

8. Jaspersoft

Charged as one of the business world’s most utilized, most adaptable and most moderate BI tool, Jaspersoft engages your association with devices for better analytics and basic decision-making. Versatile Insights is sufficiently enough that anybody can utilize it but greatly capable.

Download Jaspersoft

9. QlikView

At the point when running BI device, clients find that QlikView is a genuinely easy to use platform that straddles the gap between tech-savvy BI software and customary profitability applications, making a solution that is accessible to all.

Download QlikView

10. SAS BI

SAS Business Intelligence is about getting the right data to the right individuals, dependably at the opportune time and under the right conditions. An effective figuring engine permits clients to make an investigation.

Download SAS BI

Pick tools that permit you to picture and examine relevant information that helps you better comprehend your information and data with ease.