10 Best Benchmarking Software 2017

Top Benchmarking Software for 2017: When many of us buy a new computer, we prefer to get a benchmark result. If we are so careful about the benchmark scores then we need to know what is Benchmarking, basically, Benchmarking is a combination of script and codes which are available in the form of a software. Usually, we install the Benchmarking software in a computer to check the performance of the systems. Let’s get some more information about the top 10 Benchmarking software 2017.


The top ten Benchmarking software are:

SiSoft Sandra Lite

Sandra (System Analyzer, Diagnostic, and Reporting Assistant) is a fully featured Benchmarking tool, which allows a user of a computer to get the result of the performance and inner working of the computer. SiSoft Sandra Lite provides you a service by which you can test your memory bandwidth, performance and power efficiency.

Download SiSoft Sandra Lite

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Futuremark’s Suite

Futuremark’s Suite is basically an organization which offers many kinds of benchmarking software considered as the best software in the world, such as PCMark, 3Dmark etc. are in the limelight as the best benchmarking software. The latest version of PC mark and 3D mark are available for free. Also Futuremark also released a new benchmark tool for VR

Download Futuremark’s Suite

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Unigine Benchmarks

Unigine Benchmarks is a free benchmarking software introduced by the company. This Benchmarking software performs operations by using DirectX 11 techniques and extensive tessellation.

Download Unigine Benchmarks

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FRAPS is considered as one of the most popular benchmarking software. This is a non-synthetic benchmark and a great performer with an accurate output as a result. It is available for free.

Download FRAPS

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HD Tune

The hard drive is the backbone of any computer and responsible for the better performance. This Benchmarking software works on the read/write cycle and measures the accurate data minimum transfer rate and maximum average. It gives and objective output in results.

Download HD Tune

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NovaBench is a simple and small size benchmarking software which can help you by testing the performance of your PC, the speed of your system and it can also compare your system with any others. It performs hardware test, CPU test, and GPU test.

Download NovaBench

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Dacris Benchmark

Dacris Benchmark allows you to perform a benchmark test for totally free. A bunch of various features of this software provides a facility to test any single component or your entire computer.

Download Dacris Benchmark

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3DMARK06 is an aesthetic tool to test your computer. You can view system details, change system settings for the test and can perform a benchmark test. You can get the new versions of this benchmark.

Download 3DMARK06

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CINEBENCH is a free benchmarking software which helps you to test your PC, check the performance and review its results. It comes with the various features such as a number of render threads, advanced benchmark and keeping the best score.


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PCMARK 7 Basic Edition

PCMARK 7 is the free benchmark software comes with the basic version. It is very simple benchmark to use. Just click the button ” run the benchmark” and it will start performing tests of your computer.

Download PCMARK 7 Basic Edition


The list you have gone through totally depends on what benchmark you want. All the benchmarks software mentioned above are preferred for different purposes, like if you want to check the performance of the specific drive, system or anything else you have on your computer. So you can go for the desirable benchmark.